Working on Your Joy in 2012! – Some Quotes.

Joy is the serious business of heaven.” – C.S. Lewis

“Study the Word and ask for the teaching of the Spirit of God that you may understand it; so shall you discover wells of delight. . .Many a Christian has a thousand reasons for joy which he knows nothing of.” – Charles Spurgeon

“To do them justice the people who crucified Jesus did not do so because he was a bore; quite the contrary. He was too dynamic to be safe. It has been left for later generations to muffle up that shattering personality, and surround Him with an atmosphere of tedium. We have de-clawed the Lion of Judah and made Him a house cat for a pale priest.” – Dorothy Sayers, British Mystery Writer – Anglican

“…the people of God ought to be the happiest people in all the wide world! People should be coming to us constantly and asking the source of our joy and delight. . .” – A.W. Tozer

“Many a Christian has a thousand reasons for joy which he knows nothing of.” – C.H. Spurgeon

“We are chosen for joy. However hard the Christian way, it is both in the traveling and in the goal, the way of joy. There is always a joy in doing the right thing. When we evade some duty or some task, when at last we set out hand to it, joy comes to us. The Christian is the man of joy. The Christian is the laughing cavalier of Christ. A gloomy Christian is a contradiction in terms, and nothing in all religious history has done Christianity more harm than its connection with black clothes and long faces.” – William Barclay

“Joy comes from seeing the complete fulfillment of the specific purpose for which I was created and born again, not from successfully doing something of my own choosing.” – Oswald Chambers