4 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Today!


Men & Women often communicate in different ways.

Enjoy Great Conversations!

Sexual Intimacy

Sex can become routine and too infrequent in many marriages.

Experience More Satisfying Sex!


You can live in the same house and yet feel miles away.

Feel Close to Your Spouse!


Many couples disagree on the way to raise their kids.

Lead Your Children as a Team!

Robert & Pamela Crosby show couples how to understand and embrace their differences as a way to experience a more fulfilling marriage!

Jim Daly, PRESIDENT, Focus on the Family

What Makes Teaming Life So Different?

Many couples find it difficult to see solid progress and development in their marriage and family life, and they struggle to find fresh and engaging ways to help them move forward. Teaming Life live events, books and consulting with Robert & Pamela Crosby helps husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and church leaders understand and evaluate their dynamic differences, their levels of connection and collaboration so their families and teams can thrive.

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Draw Out Your Collective Potential

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The Crosby's have taught us a lot about teaming life in marriage through their wisdom and example. Their concepts laid the groundwork for how we develop and grow our passion for one another now and build our relationship. If you're married, engaged or desire to learn about healthy relationships, you NEED to read this book.

Taylor and Kristen Wilkerson, pastors Trinity Church-Harlem, NYC on The Will of a Man & The Way of a Woman

Resources by Robert & Pamela Crosby

When Faith Catches Fire
  • For The Teaming Church
More Than A Savior
  • For The Teaming Church
The One Jesus Loves
  • For The Teaming Church

The Crosbys offer us handles and roadmaps to understand men and women, especially in a world that lacks clarity. They help us understand how males and females both magnetically draw and repel each other and how to leverage that magnetism brilliantly.

Tim Elmore, PRESIDENT, GrowingLeaders.com

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Fun, inspiring, short and provocative questions for parents to get their children thinking, connecting and communicating better

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Jumpstarts for Conversations in Your Marriage

Fun, inspiring, short and provocative questions to get your spouse thinking, connecting and collaborating better

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Coaching and Consulting

Customized encouragement and support for couples and parents

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‘These two shall become one!’ The Crosby’s do more than help us understand marriage; as husbands and wives, they help us understand ourselves and how to take major steps in the journey toward oneness!

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, Author & President of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)