Leading the BUSTERS Generation.

The Busters may be the most misunderstood generation in recent years. They  are considered to be the 13th generation ever to be called “American.” This group consists of those who are now approximately 30-50 years of age and were born between 1961 and 1981. Unlike their “Boomer” predecessors, the Busters are the generation that emerged from a significant birth rate decrease in the population.

Busters distinguished themselves from the Boomers in several unique and distinct characteristics. They are very community oriented, preferring to run in groups to solo. Half of them came from a single-parent home. Because they watched the Boomers prioritize personal achievement and lose their families, they are generally slow to marry and afraid to risk commitment, thus also producing few children.

The Busters are a generation hungry for relationship. Friends are such a priority to Busters that their TV sitcom-of-choice was also called “Friends.” Many of them will say that “my friends are my family.” Friends are so much “family” to them that in urban centers gang-members in the 80s and 90s started to refer to each other as “homeboys.”

The greatest technological influence on the Buster has been the computer. According to Fortune Magazine, the Busters are “the most entrepreneurial generation we have produced.” They are a highly technological generation and extremely computer comfortable, having developed countless online tools, businesses and social networks.

Many observers have determined that the Busters are a generation that while uncertain and suspicious of organized religion, are quite spiritually hungry. They are in significant need of hope and quite uncertain of the future. They were emotionally impacted by the Challenger tragedy and admit that they have “few heroes.”

The Busters values towards work itself changed significantly as opposed to their parents. They see work as a means to an end.

A Question for youWhat are some important steps that Christian leaders need to take today to influence and effectively lead this generation for Christ?

One Gens Response to Another

Boomers…                                      Busters…

Conquer                                        Connect

Get ahead                                      Get along

Conquest                                       Community

The Product                                 The Process

Live to work                                 Work to live